Detection of long noncoding (lncRNA) involved in RNA-Seq isoforms

The recent discovery showed that the human and other mammalian genomes produce thousands of mRNA-like molecules namely, long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs). Almost on a weekly basis, many biological studies detected that lncRNA is to be up or down-regulated in a particular disease. However, these lncRNAs which lack significant protein-coding capacity have been implicated in a wide range of biological functions through diverse and as yet poorly understood molecular mechanisms. The majority of human genes are alternatively spliced in a highly tissue and cell type–specific manner essential for generating protein diversity. The production of alternative splicing mRNAs is regulated by combinatorial use of multiple cis-acting RNA elements along the precursor mRNA (pre-mRNA).

In this talk (Detection of long noncoding (lncRNA) involved in RNA-Seq isoforms), I will show the concepts and subtypes of lncRNA, their role in gene regulation and their relation to alternative splicing, and the bioinformatics tools used for detecting lncRNA mainly from sequencing isoforms.


About me:

PostDoc Research fellow, Department of Computer Science (DISCO), Italy
Doctoral researcher, Dept. of Computer Science & Bioengineering (DIBRIS), Italy
Mobile:+39 3457613748 , Skype: hassan_cs
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  • Hassan Mahmoud is a PostDoC Research fellow in department of computer science. His current research directed into computational biology and bioinformatics.
  • He is a member of Egyptian university staff syndicate, and software engineering association. In 2013 he became member of INdAM: Italian National group of advanced mathematics, and GNCS: national group of scientific computing.
  • He is Reviewer in 1) Journal of Biomedical informatics “JBI – Elsiever”, 2) IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems Journal, 3) Aloy Journal of Soft Computing and Applications “AJSCA”, 4) International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks “ICANN2012”, 5) Image Analysis and Processing – ICIAP 2013.
  • He assisted in organizing various conferences and workshops such as: 1) Scientific secretariat of The Tenth International Workshop on Fuzzy Logic and Applications “WILF Nov.2013”, 2) Advances in Databases and Information System “ABIDS2013 1-4 Sept. 2013”, 3) Genoa Bioinformatics workshop “Jun.2013”, 4) Clustering high dimensional data workshop “CHDD May2012”.
  • He is assisting in teaching since 8 years in more than 20 courses in Faculty of Computer Science, like computer vision, system analysis & design, neural networks, object oriented programming and supervised various graduation projects for finger print identification, mobile applications, Tele-radiology, wireless communication, and image retrieval, and data mining.
  • He gained more than 6 soft skills certificates from ministry of higher education in Egypt and he attended 8 workshops in DAAD Cairo. He is a DAAD verien honored friend and developed management software for DAAD-Cairo.
  • He is a Team Leader (10 years practical development experience), Oracle certified professional (OCP), R&D specialist, and CMMI configuration controller. He worked in 4 software development houses based in UK,Saudi Arabia,Italy,Egypt since 2005 specialized in developing ERP solutions and web development specially in medical & radiological applications and other fields such as tourism, Engineering ERP, OIl ERP, and E-learning medical solutions.
  • He led the development team in an international medical imaging software development house, “Sama advanced technologies” for 5 years and developed complete ERP e-learning system for faculty of medicine, radiology department, Cairo university, and developed Radiology Information System “RIS” and Package Archiving and communication system” PACS“ for Ain shams university specialized hospital.
  • He published and presented 18 papers & posters in international journals and conferences like, CIBB2014 (Cambridge, UK), LNBI (Springer-Heidelberg), CIBB2013 (France), Smart Innovation Systems and Technologies (Springer), CIBB2012 (USA), LNAI, LNCS (Springer-Heidelberg), WIRN2012 & WIRN2013 & WIRN2014 (Italy), ECS Journal 2011, ICBME2008 Singapore (Springer), ICICIS 2009 (ACM).
  • He attended more than 14 PhD courses and more than more than 60 seminars in my department (DIBRIS), IIT, DITEN, CNR, mainly about bioinformatics, machine learning, image processing, medical imaging, pattern recognition, and network analysis.

Main research Interests

Computational biology, Bioinformatics, soft computing, medical informatics, feature extraction, high dimensional data reduction, fuzzy clustering, data classification, social networks analysis, knowledge discovery, big data analysis, microarray analysis, protein discovery, , medical image registration, image processing, pattern classification, data
mining, machnie learning, artificial intelligence, semantic information retrieval, Ontology mining and graph analysis.